Piedmont Pet Care!

Welcome to Hôpital Vétérinaire De Piedmont! Your local veterinarian in Piedmont. We’re proud to provide a wide variety of veterinary medical services to Piedmont and the surrounding areas!

Our History

Piedmont veterinary hospital was founded in 1993 by doctors David Mance and Lyne Farmer. Both recently graduated, they purchased the building that housed the original hospital in September of 1993. After 3 months of renovations the hospital opened to the public on December 14th, 1993. At the time, both veterinarians worked on site treating companion animals and Dr. Farmer also offered an ambulatory equine service. The equine service soon became so busy that Dr. Farmer had to devote all her time to it. As the practice grew, more veterinarians were needed to keep up with the demand. Dr. Lisiane Rivest joined the team in 2009 followed by Dr. Silke Lutz in 2020.  By 2010, the original building was no longer big enough and a new building was built on the same site. The hospital remained open throughout the construction and when the new building was completed the old one was demolished to make room for the parking lot.

Our Team

Our team is proud to bring you their expertise and provide all the necessary care for the well-being of your pet.

Dr. David Mance, M.V.

Dr. Mance graduated from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Montreal in May 1993. After working at 2 other veterinary facilities he decided to start his own hospital with his spouse, Dr. Lyne Farmer. Dr. Mance is passionate about general surgery and receives patients in consultation two or three afternoons a week.
Dr. Mance loves to travel, is a passionate scuba diver, loves cycling and cross-country skiing, wood-working and gardening.

Dr. Lyne Farmer, M.V., I.P.S.AV

Dr. Farmer graduated from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Montreal in 1992. She then began a specialization internship in Equine Medicine and Surgery at the same location, which she completed in May 1993. She immediately established her equine practice in the Laurentians before founding, along with her spouse Dr. Mance, the Piedmont veterinary hospital. Dr. Farmer also practiced pet surgery in the early years of the hospital before devoting herself solely to her equine practice.

Dr. Lisiane Rivest, M.V.

Originally from Temiscaming, Dr. Lisiane Rivest obtained her doctorate in veterinary medicine from the University of Montreal’s faculty of veterinary medicine in the spring of 2009. She joined the team at Piedmont Veterinary Hospital in the fall of the same year, mostly filling in as she also worked in St-Eustache since graduating. She gradually became more and more involved at Piedmont and now practices there full time. Dr. Rivest enjoys the relationships built with the clientele and strives to promote client education, in order to improve the care offered to beloved pets at home.
Her main interests are internal medicine, soft tissue surgery and behavioral disorders

Dr. Silke Lutz

Dr. Lutz is originally from Berlin, Germany. She has been passionate about animals since her childhood and after completing a bachelors degree in biology at UQAM, she went on to receive her doctorate in veterinary medicine at the university of Montreal in St-Hyacinthe in 2009. She has practiced in Montreal and in Mont-Tremblant before joining us in Piedmont.
She particularly cherishes the human-animal bond and prefers a personalized approach to pet care, in order to insure that her patients lead long, healthy lives. Apart from medicine, she also practices surgery and dentistry.
Dr. Lutz is also a mother of 3 children. She loves travelling, outdoor activities and horseback riding.

Dr. Valérie Desjardins, M.V.

Dr. Desjardins graduated in 2005. She has always practiced and acquired her clinical experience in the Laurentians. We admire her listening skills, her empathy and her ability to forge a unique bond of trust with her customers. She wishes to practice local medicine and remain accessible.
Dr. Desjardins has always devoted a great deal of attention to her continuing education and constantly strives to be up to date in the care she provides to her patients. Her professional interests include cardiology, dermatology, ophthalmology and geriatric medicine. She also offers first-line medicine for exotic animals such as little birds and small furry mammals. A few years ago, she chose to no longer perform surgery in order to concentrate her practice solely on consultations.
Dr. Desjardins divides her time between classical and complementary medicine. She offers specialized at-home veterinary osteopathy care in the region and will eventually complete her training with acupuncture.
Above all, she wants to offer her patients personalized care, provided through a philosophy of global medicine.